Best Of 5 Biceps Workouts For Men


No gym lover wants to skip the biceps day, biceps workouts consists of the most loving workout exercises which helps you to look perfect. Every bodybuilder has a dream to have a broad biceps which will show his hard-works. Biceps workout is all about breaking your limits and increasing your muscle strength. If you also have broad biceps goals than today, we have analyzed and researched the top 10 biceps exercises which will help you achieving your goals.

Why biceps workout is necessary?

 Most have the people in the fitness point have their own goals, either they want to make a shredded body or a bulky, biceps workout are very effective workout for both of the body transformations. Biceps workouts helps in activating the muscle tissues of your body which leads to rapid growth of muscles. It also helps in increasing the muscle strength along with the balance of the body. Major part of the gym workout is depend on the strength, biceps workout will make you improve your other workouts also.

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 Before starting these workout let you know that biceps workout is all about breaking your efforts and limits so be ready to push yourself to become a wild beast.



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We have gone through the decline dumbbell workout, this workout is opposite of the decline workout. This workout is quite difficult from the other workouts. But you will feel the pump on your biceps. let’s get started.

For this exercise you need a pair of dumbbells and an inclined bench at an angle of 45 degree.

How to do: Grab a pair of dumbbells and lie down on an inclined bench facing your chest away from the bench, bend your elbows. This will be your starting position, now start curling the dumbbells slowly, pause at that moment when they are close to your shoulders, and slowly return back to the starting position.

Not to Do: Do not move your upper arms during the whole workout, dumbbell weight should be enough as your strength.


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Barbell curl is the basic bicep workout which is quite simple and effective than other workouts. You might have seen people holding a iron bar and taking reps to gain their biceps curls, this is the common exercise which is used as a starter pack of the biceps exercise. Barbell Curl exercise is the both arm exercise in which you can work on both arms simultaneously. It helps in different parts of the muscles gain.

How to do: Grab the bar with your underhand grip, take a wide distance between your hands to emphasize inner part of biceps and similarly to target outer portion of biceps you must bring your hands close together. Now hold the barbell from the lower height and then contract your biceps, now pull the barbell upward slowly, squeeze the biceps portion along with this movement, pause for a while than slowly bring the weight down to your starting position. During the whole workout make sure that your feet are balancing your whole body and you are not using your back portion or any other part to lift weight.


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Hammer Curl is also one of the most suggested workouts. As now you all know that standing exercises are more effective than bench exercises. This workout is quite similar to standing dumbbell curl workout, there is a small difference in a way of holding a dumbbell which makes both the exercise different from each other. Straight your arms using this exercise makes it bit different and  helps in improving the brachialis muscles which makes your arms look thicker.
How to do: Grab a pair of dumbbells and hang them at rest position at arm’s length in such a way that your palms are facing your thighs. Bend your elbows and curl the dumbbells upward, pause for a while when you reach close to your shoulder and then slowly lower down the weight back to the starting position with your arms straight.

Not to do: Donot grab heavy weight at the beginning, avoid the movement of your upper arms it will decrease the effect on your biceps and while lowering down to initial position, donot keep your arms bend, straighten them before starting the another rep.  



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For this workout all you need is cable machine with suitable load.

How to do: Grab both the ends of the cable with your hands attached to the cable extension, keep your elbows into your sides in such a way that your palm facing each other. Keep your feet a width apart from each other, now slightly bent your knees and stable your arms this is your starting position. Pull the rope towards your shoulders pause for a while and then slowly return back to the starting position.

Cable Rope Hammer Curl is similar to the dumbbell hammer curl workout , which is the most affective exercise for your bicep balls and muscle growth, it affects your brachialis to transform your arms. This cable version requires more stability and strength as compare to hammer curl. Due to its constant load on biceps, it is the most effective exercise among all the workouts.

Not To Do: Donot pull the weight with the jerk of back and shoulders, if it is happening then lower down the weight and repeat the workout.


EZ-BAR PREACHER CURL is a bench workouts which is quite effective then other workouts. This isolate workout helps in muscle growth, it also has its effects on upper-body muscles where your biceps are the weakest. It actually needs a suitable workstation to perform this workout.

For performing this workout you will need a preacher bench, EZ barbell along with weight. 

How to do: Grab an EZ -barbell with your hands apart with a distance of 5 to 6 inches. Rest your arms in the sloping part of the bench along with holding a bar in your hand, bend your elbows. This will be your starting position, now curl the bar slowly towards your shoulder, pause for a while and then slowly release down your hands in the starting position.

Not to do: Do not move your upper arms during the whole workout.

Hope! You have enjoyed these awesome crazy workouts.

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